Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary to me!

I just looked at the date at the bottom of the computer screen. Today is the 6th of August, which means that I have worked as a Registered Nurse for 7 years. I graduated in June or July (can't remember which) 2001, and had several weeks off before starting the New Graduate Program. During that break I did my beginners patchwork class at Calico Patch.

I have been at my current job for five and a half years and love it most of the time. What other job lets you go to work in a tracky pants in winter, and shorts in summer (when they fit)? No thoughts to what you wear to work, you can throw your clothes in your locker and wear PJs (scrubs). Doesn't matter if you are having a bad hair day - after 10 hours of wearing a hat you won't really care about your hair cos it will look much worse at the end of your shift. Every so often at work we talk about the possibility of finding another job that pays more money, but we always decide that we are in the best job. Don't have to have an up to date wardrobe, the hair and makeup done etc. Wearing PJs is easy cos you don't have to do any ironing.

I work in theatres as an Anaesthetic and Recovery Nurse. I have the chance to meet new people every day, and have variety in my job. Essentially it is the same sort of thing, but doing different types of surgery and the different doctors you work with gives the variety. If anyone is looking for a career change and wants something that allows you to travel around the world and work, nursing is a good job. There are so many areas to work in, that you can find your niche. I enjoy working in theatres, but didn't really enjoy the wards - most theatre nurses would tell you the same thing.

At the moment there is a huge shortage of nurses. I read somewhere recently that the World Health Organisation estimated that in either 2010 or 2015 there would be a shortage of 1 MILLION nurses in the world. Very scary, you wouldn't want to get sick. Hospitals around the country are starting to offer incentives to entice people to work there. They might pay moving costs if you move interstate (I have heard of up to $3000), or a sign on bonus. My work is offering $2500 for nurses or CSSD staff, all you have to do is work 3 days a week and pass your 3 month probation period. Like every other hospital we are a bit short staffed, but we work with a really good crew. Whenever there have been staff satisfaction type surveys, working with a good bunch of people has been right up there for reasons to stay at our hospital. If anyone knows of anyone interested in a change, send me a message and I will help you to get the bonus. If you put my name in the introductory letter to the hospital, I would also get $2500. Then once you are permanent you can recruit people and get more money for yourself.

On a crafty note, I have been busy doing all sorts of things. I was supposed to be going to Katherine this week, but decided that I would rather go on an adult list rather than paediatrics - I don't do a huge amount of Paeds at work. This meant that I get to go to the craft show tomorrow - Woohoo!!! I haven't missed one for 10 years. I will be going with my Mum and sister and her two littlies. My oldest niece is a fan of quilts, she has been brainwashed from a very early age. If there is a quilt on the floor, or even a big bit of fabric she will lay down on it and say "pretty quilt Auntie Trudi". She has good taste. It will be fun going through the quilt exhibition with her. Last week DN1 found Mum's box of scraps and was arranging them on the design wall. Talk about cute!

I will be keeping an eye out at the craft show for all the pretty yarns. My latest thing that I am obsessed with is hats and fingerless mittens. I am going to have a go at some for the ravelympics. The mittens will be handy when I sit at the computer, my right hand always ends up a lot colder than the left.

Today I am going with Mum to the quilter. I have to trim the threads and press the front and the back. I will be taking my pieces of eight quilt that I did in a class with Jenny Bowker. It is the sort of quilt that needs custom quilting rather than an all-over pattern. My fantasticly wonderful Mum said when I bought my home that she would pay for one of my quilts to be quilted. Love you Mum.

Here is a pic of my Sunshine quilt in progress. I think I will call it Little Ray of Sunshine. I love the song, and I love the Sunshine fabrics so I think it suits.
As you can see, it is not finished. I need to put it on the design wall to play with it properly. It is too hard to do it on the floor. The only problem with that is that the design wall is in use. It still has my quilt as you go on it. I really need to sew the rows together, maybe this arvo or on the weekend.

Better go deal with the quilt top and back, Mum will be ringing any minute to see what time I am ready to go.


Michelle said...

Happy anniversary! I remember when you were still studying - how time flies.

I've just been hanging up quilts for the show, and it's going to look pretty damn spectacular! Hope you enjoy the show tomorrow. I'll be there on Saturday and Sunday at some stage (can't remember when).

Bells said...

I love how satisfied you sound with your work. I'm envious. I wish I had that.

Lovely looking quilt!

Jejune said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog, it means a lot to me. I hope that when I have my surgery, you're there with me!

GORGEOUS quilts, too :)