Monday, October 27, 2008

Not the bees knees

I have BEES in my HOUSE!!!! I have no idea where they are getting in, but I have killed about 10 of them so far. Mortein doesn't seem to do a good job of killing them dead, just stunning them - the shoe does the job. In the last year I have found two dead bees under the gas heating duct in my bedroom, but hoped that it was just a freaky coincidence that they were sneaking in the door when it was open and dying in my bedroom.

I didn't notice anything flying around today while I was enjoying the day off work. It was only when I was creating the layers of the lasagne that I noticed what I thought were two blowflies hovering around. I thought it was great that they weren't getting too close to the dinner I was making. But then I walked into the laudry and saw what I thought were about 6 flies around the backdoor. Out came the mortein, and I did the rounds of every window and door in the house. Luckily I am in a townhouse with neighbours on each side, otherwise I would have had more windows to patrol.

In the bedroom was a dead bee, that very obviously looked like a bee. That was when I realised that I hadn't been invaded by flies enjoying relief in my house from the 30 degree day, but I had been invaded by BEES. I think once they got in, they just wanted to get back out. What I want to know is WHERE THE DAMN THINGS GOT IN!! The options are: holes in the flyscreen, a small gap I found at the bottom of the sliding door that could let them in, or through the roof. If it is the roof, then they could be coming in through the heating ducts, or the exhaust fan in the bathroom.

I am not very happy, as you can imagine. I had been doing the last rounds of a hat, and anticipating my lasagne that is hopefully going to be cooked soon. Now I am watching where I walk in case I tread on a bee and get stung. I haven't been stung by a bee since I was a kid, but I remember that it hurt heaps. Luckily I am not allergic like my sister. I am hoping the bees came in through a tiny hole in the flyscreen, because I don't like the idea of a swarm in the roof. I have had people in the roof this year, my brother put in insulation in February, and I have had heater guys here a few times doing service and repair of the heater. None of them noticed any problems. While I was on my bee patrol I could see them buzzing all around outside the front and back doors. Tomorrow I will be ringing a pest control person to come and spray my house.

I have had lots of things to write about lately, but not had the time to post. I have some pics to show of what I have been up to, including the stuff I got from the Tapestry Craft (Morris and Sons) sale. Today I had a brilliant idea of yet another project I could start - matching hat and socks for a baby that is on the way. I have only ever done one pair of socks - the baby socks in the magic loop booklet. They turned out ok, but not great. I have been doing magic loop hats, so have been practising that technique. I am glad I haven't had the problems with ladders that I had with the socks I did for my niece when she was born. Anyway, I have no idea what pattern I will use for the hat and socks, but it is something I can do from the stash, and it will also mean that I can make a pair for the Southern Summer of Socks. I might try a hat with cable, since I have never done cables before.

Other things to do in the next week, besides hope that I don't have a beehive in my roof:

  • make the bed with the sheets that are sitting freshly washed and dry in the laundry - hopefully with no bees hiding in them
  • have yummy sponge cake and lamb roast dinner tomorrow - my Dad's 60th birthday
  • go to work
  • finish my tax so I get a bill. Etax is useful, but not so great when it tells you that you will get a bill. As you can probably tell, I got to that point and didn't finish entering all the data.
  • find where I put all the papers for my tax
  • enjoy my Dad's 60th birthday party on the weekend
  • get lots of advice from the garden nursery guy that is coming next Monday to help inspire me with my garden. Maybe I will get some plants that don't attract bees
  • watch the Melbourne Cup
  • Enjoy my four day weekend. I love having the Monday off, with a Public Holiday on the Tuesday

Wish me luck with the bees. I have declared war.