Friday, December 7, 2007


I think I have sort of worked out the photos now, I can add them to a post I have done, just not where I want. I hope that I can get better at this.

Last night I went to Canberra Quilters for the last meeting of the year. I won the lucky door prize, so I got a "squashed donut" (my description) shaped bobbin holder, with matching pins and wrist pin cushion. I also got a fat quarter that I tried to swap with my Mum for the quilt that she took for show and tell. She wouldn't be in it though. Bugger.

I got some knitting done last night, that makes two nights running this week. I am nearly at the part where I can change from the alternate row increases at each end - woohoo. I am making a wrap with a gorgeous baby alpaca and silk yarn, from a Paton's zhivago book. It should be scrumptious when I finish it.

I'll post pics (hopefully) on the weekend.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The rains have come

We had so much rain last night here in Canberra. The official tally this morning was 22mls, but the suburb next to mine had 44mls. I came home from work last night at 9.30 and found my courtyard with about 2 inches of rain in the lower half (my paving is very uneven). I had planned to load some photos onto the computer, I took some last night of my flooded courtyard but don't know how they turned out. I can't find the lead to the camera at the moment so photos will have to wait.

My courtyard has big drainage issues that need a plumber. I have three drainage pits under grates that don't go anywhere - so I have called them "buckets". I need a plumber to somehow rig up a pipe to let the rainwater go out of my courtyard. I don't want the lounge to flood, so have to get onto it before we get too much super heavy rain.

I am lucky, my neighbours roof flooded with the rain last night. The gutter between my place and theirs was full of pine needles and overflowed. Luckily my place is a bit higher than theirs, so I didn't have any damage. While the guy was on the roof clearing their gutter, I got him to clear mine. I had been thinking of getting them cleared but the rain came too soon.

One thing I have done this week, is to get rid of the horrible diosmas outside my fence. They were very unhealthy when I moved in, with lots of dead patches. I hated them, so asked my neighbour who does gardening jobs to get rid of them. I didn't get a chance to take a photo of the ugly things, the wonderful Colin rang me at work on Tuesday and said he could get them out for me that day. I came home to the wonderful view of dirt and rocks. I love it. I can't plant anything yet, he put wicked poison in the roots that he couldn't get out. I have got my croweas, boronia and melaleuca all ready to plant. Colin took 2.5 ute loads of plant to the tip, and had to use his car to get one of the diosmas out. I am lucky to have such wonderful neighbours. I will take some pics of the garden as it progresses.