Saturday, February 2, 2008

Should be stitchin

I should be doing some stitching or knitting today. I have been a bit slack, but have been so busy working or going to visit with the family that I haven't had much chance. I have to sit and do the armhole in my wrap vest. I have finally worked out the pattern (I think), it is a bit confusing the way it is written. I went to Cassidy's yesterday to see if they had any yarn left, and picked up a few things. I will take some photos later.

I have been to pick up Katie's ashes this week. I have to say again how great they have been at the Kippax Vetinary Hospital. I got a letter in the mail last week with handwritten notes from everyone at the vet. It was a lovely letter that I will keep with Katie's pawprint. Thanks to Dr Calista for helping Katie with her artwork. She was so supportive, so was Yvette and Pip, they made Katie's last day easier for me. I wouldn't have had Katie for so many years if it wasn't for the team at Kippax. I think I will take a few weeks off at Christmas and get a kitten. It can get used to the place before I have to go back to work.

Here is a photo of my "this way and that" quilt that I am making at the moment. It is a quilt as you go project, started in a class with Judy Turner at Addicted to Fabric in 2006. My Mum did the class as well, she has finished her quilt. Judy is a great teacher, I saw the quilt at the teachers meeting at Canberra quilters and decided that I had to do it. Judy's quilt had a charm pack on one side, and one fabric pieced with seam covering strips on the other. I saw the Cottage Charms range by Nancy Halvorsen at Rosemont in Tuggeranong, I bought the charm pack for one side, but couldn't decide which fabric to use for the other side. I ended up choosing four fabrics, the ones that you can see above in the washed out picture. The photo below is a bit better for colour, but is blurry.

With this quilt, you work on both sides at once. It was a challenge using 4 different colours on the front, so what I ended up doing was putting a yellow front with a yellow back, red/pink back to back etc so that I would end up with a good mix of red, yellow, blue and green without having to constantly check the back of each piece. Then I had to deal with the different patterns on the back. I had to make sure that I didn't have checks, stripes etc too close together, and that I had a good random mix of the patterns. I am up to the stage of sewing on the long seam covering strips to the rows, then hand sewing the strips on the back. Then all I have to do is binding, and throw a label on it. I think next weekend can be put aside for this project. I can't wait to be able to toss it on the couch, it matches it beautifully. I haven't used my machine since I moved into my place, so I hope it still works.

Coffee is calling me, so had better go have some. I am on call for work today, and I hate being called when I am due for a coffee!

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Michelle said...

I should be stitching today too. If not, then crocheting! But I keep thinking I should be gardening instead. Thing is that gardening isn't getting done either - I've made pikelets, cleaned the laundry, done three loads of washing, swum and gone to the markets! Still productive, I suppose!

The quilt is so lovely - can't wait until you've finished it!