Sunday, November 25, 2007

That sort of worked

The post that I did yesterday came up with the wrong time. How do I fix it so that the time is correct? My computer time is correct.

Tomorrow I will try to put some photos on my blog, if I can find the lead for the camera. And I will plant the tomatoes. I didn't get around to getting the potting mix, but did collect a pot from Mum's that my sister didn't want

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Yeah, we have won

I decided yesterday that I would definitely start a blog. I couldn't decide what to call it, but since the cat seems to run this house, I thought I would call it The Cat Rules.

At the moment I am watching the election. I am not in mourning (I am thanking whoever is watching over me for this), but in celebration - woohoo.

I went to Braidwood and Bungendore today to see the quilts on display, and was too tired to go to an election party - do I ever regret that now. I have felt safe enough tonight to speak to my mate and union rep from work and to not worry about getting struck down by lightning.

I have just heard that Howard has rung Rudd to concede defeat, I want to see him on tv so I can tape it for when I am depressed.

... this blog is not supposed to be about politics, but about gardening, quilting, knitting and of course the cat. I managed to get some photos of her today, any tips for getting photos of the cat would be appreciated.

I am looking forward to learning how blogs work, and showing my friends photos of what is happening in my life, whether it is the garden or craft. I am planting the tomatoes tomorrow, and I think I will be having a hangover as well. Yeah for a change of government