Monday, November 24, 2008

Hat obsessed

I have been too busy knitting hats to post anything to the blog. I think I am hat obsessed. It is pretty funny considering I have never been a beanie wearer.

Here are some of the hats I have made:

Pattern: Hurricane Hat
Yarn: Vanna's Choice
Needles: Knitpicks Options 4mm circs - magic loop
I think I made this an inch shorter, after comparing it with the very first hat that I made. Depending on who I talk to, it either looks good on me or too short and needing to be folded up. I don't like the look of it with a folded brim, so it will be gifted to my niece. Little SennaBear loves trying on things that I make, and the colour looks good on her so it will be one of her Chrissy presents. I love the colour and feel of this yarn, so will use it again. Maybe for a lacey type hat.

Pattern: Spiral Rib Hat
Yarn: Patons Feathersoft 4ply
Needles: Knitpicks Options 4.5mm circs magic loop
The hat is lovely and soft, but it is too soft I think.

Pattern: Pinwheel Beanie
Yarn: Wendy Peter Pan Double Knit
Needles: Knitpicks Options 3.5mm circs, magic loop
I liked this pattern, might try it a bit bigger next time
Yarn: Patons Feathersoft 4ply
Needles: Don't remember, but was done magic loop
I am not too happy with this hat. I should have done the i-cord, but wanted to finish it in a hurry. The yarn is definitely not a good one for hats, unless I do premmie size with smaller needles. Feels lovely and soft though.
Pattern: my own, using a combo of hat formulas and just making up numbers.
Yarn: Wendy Classics Courtelle Double Knitting
Needles: 4mm Knitpicks Options
Technique: Magic Loop
I really love this hat. I bought the yarn thinking that it would make a very funky scarf, but it is a bit too bright. It makes for a great hat and sock. These will be gifted to someone having a baby, but it has to be a girl.

Needles: Knitpicks Options 3.75mm circs
Yarn: Wendy Classics Courtelle Double Knitting
Technique: Magic Loop
I enjoyed making these and will use this pattern again. SennaBear (21months) was the test foot for these, they are a bit too small for her little feet. She insisted that she had to have both socks on, and was very cute walking last night with them on - till she stood on the wood floor and nearly went over. Not a good floor for kids with socks.

My sister asked when I would make her a pair of socks, hmmmm maybe when she has made me a pair? We can learn together. I am currently doing the class sock from Sensational Knitted Socks with the bright yarn. So far I like it, but have learnt that you need to pay attention to the pattern. I hope to have a pair of cuff down socks, and a pair of toe-up socks done for me this Summer.

I will have nearly 3 weeks off work over the Christmas period, because we won't be having any elective surgery (except for a couple of Caesar mornings). Unfortunately I will be on call for most of the break, so will not be doing anything exciting. I hope to be enjoying some fresh vegies from the garden, if they grow super fast.

Wow, looking back over this post I have been busy.
BTW, after that day with the bees I have had no more problems with them inside. I think they may have been attracted to the Dynamic Lifter liquid stuff I put on the garden. If I have a problem with it again I will be giving it away. I have noticed bees outside a few times, maybe they were swarming that day looking for all the seaside daisies I had pulled out of the garden a couple of weeks before - they always seemed to be hovering around them.
Better go do some stuff, am going out for Turkish tonight to celebrate Cathy Miller being in town. It has been organised by the wonderful QM.