Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shawl obsessed

Two of my WIPs at the moment are shawls. One is the Fallen Leaves wrap by Dory Brown. I am really enjoying this pattern, as can be seen here:

I was working on this every spare moment, until I needed an easier project to work on at the Canberra Quilters first night meeting of the year. I didn't really like the idea of ripping back because I wasn't concentrating on the pattern. The project I decided to work on was the world famous (in knitting circles at least) Clapotis. I had bought the yarn in 2006 at the craft show. I am using Noro Silk Garden, and it is very pretty. I love seeing the colours change as I knit. I can't wait to drop all the stitches, I have already started dropping some of them more than the few rows that the pattern says to do. I have waited till I've been a couple of rows beyond the one where you drop the stitch to be on the safe side. I don't think it matters if you drop all the way to the bottom before finishing, but I am still trying to resist just in case.

Some of you may notice the ring stitch markers, thanks again to WithaQ for that tip. At the moment I have about 8 electric toothbrush heads floating around in the drawer needing to be used, all without the little colour rings you are supposed to use with them. They make great stitch markers. I am trying to convert all my family into using electric toothbrushes and giving me the rings (hint hint, Mum I am talking to you)! The other stitch markers are the pretty pink beaded ones I got from Donyale last year when I bought the lovely baby alpaca. That is going to be for my special Clapotis, the Silk Garden version is my practice run.

I didn't end up doing any stitching at the CQ meeting, I think it was about 200 degrees inside the church hall, so hot that I thought I was either going to be sick or pass out. I really started this on the 6th of February. I have hardly put it down, except to go to work or waste time on the computer. I am on the 12th repeat of the straight section, so not long to go now. The photo was taken early on, it is much longer now.

The first weekend of my Clapotis Adventure, it was really hot here in Canberra. It got to 40 and 39 degrees on the Sat and Sun, way too hot to spend at my house, so I went and sat at Mum's in the aircon. It was good timing that Dad's cousin was in town, so I was able to spend some time with her. She was visiting from Mildura, so it was a bit cooler for her here than back in Victoria.

On the Sunday I spent a lot of time in front of the TV, watching the terrible news of the bushfires. I had the last two Mondays off work, so knitting this shawl while watching the news has been therapy for me in a way, I guess. It has had quite a few tears fall on it, especially today while watching the service today for the day of mourning.

As well as the two shawls that I am doing, I am also working on some hats to give to bushfire victims. I figure it gets cold in winter where the fires were, so they will be well used. I love knitting in circles, so these will be quick and useful projects to give away. I have to find out who is collecting knitwear for the bushfire victims. The mother of one of my neighbours wants to knit some things as well to give away.

On the car front, I decided on the Suzuki Swift. I now have a really cute little car, though it is amazing how dirty they can get in 3 weeks. I will take a photo of the car tomorrow, and also of the Clapotis in progress. I should also do some weeding and pruning tomorrow, and go to the gym. Hopefully I can get up early to do that, before going to have a massage and hang out with the nieces. I love having a 3 day weekend, this will be my third one in a row. Pity that the last first one only came about from a nasty gastro bug brought interstate.

Next weekend is the Canberra Show, so I will be there watching the nieces behaving like perfect little angels (I hope) and checking out the craft exhibition. I can't wait to see what everyone has made. I know that QM has a gorgeous cardigan that she has put in the show, if only it was my size, it would have gone home with me. I have printed out the pattern, and will decide what yarn to use to make one for me.