Thursday, June 5, 2008

Not so wrapped in my wrap

Can't believe it has been a month since I posted last - gee I'm slack! Yesterday the horrible migraine came to visit me so I had the day off work to try to shake it. I am still not feeling so crash hot, but heaps better than yesterday. If only I could avoid the "migraine hangover" that I can often get for a couple of days after a migraine.

Anyway, last night when I felt a bit better I decided to do the last bit of my asymmetric wrap vest. All I had left to do was one row of knit and the cast off. I was saving it for when I had time to appreciate it, and not have to run off to work. I sat and watched Ugly Betty and did the last stitches. During one of the ads I ran to the mirror and tried it on. I fiddled with it here, and adjusted it, it didn't get any better. I just don't think I like the asymmetric bit. Love the colour, love the yarn. I still desribe it as "yummy" whenever I talk about it. Baby alpaca and silk really do make a gorgeous yarn.
asymmetric wrap vest
asymmetric wrap vest

Before Ugly Betty was finished I decided that I was going to rip it. RIP, RIP, RIP.....but not today. I have to consult with the experts, my stitching mates. I think what I will do is rip it back to where the decreases started for the left front (or was it the right). I will do some decreases on both edges so that it is less asymmetric. Hopefully I will like that better, otherwise I am screwed - I really don't want to find a new pattern to use the yarn. A couple of the girls on ravelry suggested gifting it. My immediate impulse when I read that was to mentally hug my wrap to my chest and not let it go. Bit silly when you consider how much I hate the look of it.

I have taken a photo but the camera battery is just about flat, so I need to charge it before downloading it to the puter. Pretty dodgy photo too, the light today is really bad with all the clouds in the sky, my place is pretty dark when there is no sunlight outside. You will notice that my circular needle is still attached. I used it to pin the wrap in place, it is still holding the final stitch because I didn't pull the last of the yarn through.

I started a new project this morning. It is the prismatic scarf pattern that I found on ravelry. I am using a super bright rainbow yarn by Wendy. It is going to make for one hell of a bright scarf. Maybe I can find a hat to match then I can blind everyone with my cool knitted gear! I have put a photo of the yarn below, but the colours didn't turn out very well. One of my goals for the next couple of years is to learn how to take good digital photos, and be able to edit them and do creative things with them.
Wendy double knitting courtelle
The main reason I started the scarf is because I couldn't decide what big project to knit next. I have some older yarns in my stash that I want to use up. I thought that since I don't have a lot of jumpers and cardigans, I could make a couple of things to wear around the house, and maybe they will look good enough to wear out of the house as well. I am trying to decide if I will make a powder puff cardy, or an fdk cardy or jumper. Or there is also the brown alpaca jumper, that would be pretty nice. I need to knit up some swatches so I can decide what yarn and stitch pattern I like.

Today at work I saw one of the new iphones. One of the surgeons had it, and it looked really cool. He didn't have the 3G version, he never uses his phone for internet sort of stuff so didn't need it. I can't decide if $600US is a lot or not. I think it is amazing how we get new phones so often. I have had mine for about 15 months, and already want a new one. I know other people who get new ones every 6 months. Bit different to my Mum, who has had hers for years and has only just gotten a new basic phone because her old one didn't work. Not many people that I know keep their phones that long.

Canberra Quilters is tonight, so am looking forward to that. What I am not looking forward to is having the phone handy. Being on-call when you are out enjoying yourself is not very much fun. Oh well, if it gives me money towards a new rangehood for the kitchen that I can get ducted out into the outside air, then that will be good. The one I have at the moment is horrible, it just recirculates into the kitchen, so it puts grease everywhere - and it doesn't even suck up steam properly. While I am thinking kitchens, I need to start thinking about dinner.

Before I forget, Bundy is having a giveaway on her blog because she has reached 100 posts.
I haven't heard much from Bundy on Scquilters, since the days of ICQ chats on Friday nights, but will have to check out her blog regularly. It is amazing how much time you can spend reading blogs about stuff like knitting and quilting, and not actually doing the crafty stuff yourself. It is lucky that I use google reader to keep up to date, cos I am waaayyyy behind with some of my faves.

If I don't get round to posting again before the Queen's Birthday holiday, have a great long weekend. I will be spending time with the family, Mum and Dad come back from their holiday on Sunday or Monday. It will be great to see the look on their faces when they see Niece 2 running around - she was only crawling when they last saw her. I hope they have taken time to organise the photos they have taken into a slide show, I expect to see it when we have coffee after they walk in the door.