Sunday, March 23, 2008

Must watch TV tonight

I have learnt something very important. When you can post to a blog, make sure you do it for the correct blog. I had a big oops moment, and posted this to a sock blog that I can post to! Lucky I looked at the post on the blog. While I am on the subject of socks, I have 3 sock books winging their way to me from Amazon. I would have bought them here, but no shops have them in stock. Worked out quicker getting them from Amazon. When I get them, I can make my first socks (the dodgy ones I made for Niece1 don't really count). On to the original post......

I think I overdosed on hot cross buns yesterday, because my brain turned to mush and I forgot to mention something important. If you get a chance tonight, watch 60 minutes. One of my sisters good mates Marty is going to be on. He is an Associate Professor (or maybe Professor now) at University of Canberra. He is an expert on rivers, salinity and drought. He has gotta be one of the most interesting guys I know. He isn't anything like what you may expect a science guy to be like. Just an average bloke, and very funny - he was the MC at my sisters wedding. Anything that he has to say tonight has gotta be worth listening to. And the other person that is on 60 minutes is Will Smith, one of my favourite funny guys.
I wish I knew who gave me the chocolate bunny yesterday, I have ruled out Helen, with her new hip she might have had a bit of trouble placing it inside the screen door. Maybe her hubby or one of the other neighbours? I had plenty of time to try to work it out last night, the neighbour behind me was playing piano really loudly till after 12.30am. I guess she doesn't realise that her lounge backs onto the bedrooms of me and the people in the unit next to me, and that noise travels really effectively across the courtyards. I will have to let her know. At least the dog was quiet last night, and the piano didn't start again at 7.30 on a Sunday morning as it has in the past... kinda ruins the Sunday sleep-in.
While I was trying to drown out the noise of the piano, but keeping the ears free of ear plugs in case the phone rang, I went through my list of possible things to knit next. The Clapotis with the Noro yarn? A Zhivago jumper or cardy? Maybe the boring FDK cos I got lots of balls for $2 each a couple of years ago? Or I could use the powder puff to make a cardy or jumper. It is too hard to decide. Winter is coming, maybe I should go for some kind of thick jumper to wear so I don't get tempted to turn up the heater. And I could also sew the rows of my quilt-as-you-go yummy quilt together, so I can be sitting in front of Greys Anatomy and stitching. Then in winter I could be really warm under a quilt wearing a daggy jumper and uggboots. No wonder I am still single. I am still hoping that there is a Mr Right out there somewhere. In the meantime, I will find a cat at some point to give me someone to talk to.
When is it going to decide to rain? We were supposed to get showers the last two days, I don't think 2 drops count. Hopefully the sky will deliver today after I bring in the washing - better go hang it out, and while I am doing that I can count how many tomatoes I still have very, very slowly turning red.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gotta love Easter, until....

you stand on the scales. I don't know which celebration is worse for putting on weight, Easter or Christmas.

One of my favourite foods is hot cross buns. Liz, one of the girls at work has lost count of my favourite foods (and so have I). She thought I was obsessed by chocalate, until she saw me dive on the hot cross buns in the tea room. And I guess she watched me eat two for supper one night at work. They were Bakers Delight ones, definitely not light-weights. I have eaten 4 today, two for morning tea, and another two at my sister's for arvo tea. Yum. I bought a couple of packets for the freezer as well, so they should maybe last me till Anzac Day.

Back to the chocolate obsession, I have discovered that the chocalate machine up past the Maternity ward at my hospital only accepts exact change at the moment. On Wednesday I had the biggest chocolate craving that I have had in a long time. If I was at home, I would just eat a few spoons of milo and I would be right. I figured that the next best option would be to get a Cadbury fix after taking a patient to the ward. I was most unhappy to discover that I would have had to donate $1.60 to the machine in order to get my fix. Instead, I did a few groceries at Woolies on the way home and bought some little Top Deck eggs (delish), and a crate of 20 eggs that I will attempt for about the 6th successive year to only eat one a day.

I also bought a bag of little Cadbury eggs for work. It was only after I had eaten most of them myself that I realised that the bag weighed 475gms. I don't think the padding I will gain from that has helped with the sudden cool change that we got yesterday. Thursday was 29 degrees, yesterday was 14. I have always been a bit of a coldfish, (OK, a lot of a coldfish). I love nothing better in winter than hanging out with my ugg boots on. But the 14 degree change in temp? C'mon. I looked at my thermostat earlier and it was 22 degrees. Maybe I should have put on my uggies, cos it felt like it was cold enough to put on the heater! I didn't though, eating leftover pizza and garlic bread with some red wine did the trick. I can highly recommend the chicken italiano pizza from Dominos. It looked so good when I bought it home last night that I couldn't take a pic of it for my blog - I had to start eating it straight away. I skipped the mushrooms, and had capsicum instead. As you can guess, I don't bother with the no meat on Good Friday. I have such a strong dislike for seafood that I can't even do fish oil supplements, even the anti reflux ones leave a fish taste in my mouth. I have flaxseed oil instead to make up for my not eating fish every week. Don't think it does much to help my skin, or could that be all the chocolate that I eat?

When I put the pizza box out in the bin earlier, I found this on my doorstep. I really found him with my foot, cos I didn't turn on the light. Luckily he bounced.

I don't know who left him there, I have some really great neighbours. Pity about the noisy dog that barks and keeps me awake when I am on-call. Unless you have done shiftwork or been on-call to go in at all hours, you don't appreciate the value of sleep. Otherwise you would not play piano loudly at 7.30 in the morning, and you would tell your dog to stop barking, especially in the middle of the night.

What have I been up to? Yesterday I planted a couple of natives in my front garden. I had bought a correa called Little Cate in Katie's memory. I didn't realise till I got it home that it was spelt wrong. Doesn't matter, it is still a nice plant. I also planted a crowea to replace the two that had died. I have given up on water crystals in the garden. I had followed the instructions on the container, but with disastrous results. Three of the plants that I had put in last year died after heavy rains - they were suffocated by the crystals. I didn't realise how clay the soil was in that garden bed. I need to get some gypsum to break it up. I think maybe 3 tonnes would do the trick, man is that stuff hard to dig! I also put in some pansies, alyssum and some sweet william. I had bought them last weekend, but didn't plant them cos I figured they would die in 30 degree+ heat. They nearly died anyway.

Did I tell you what I won last year? I joined the Yates Garden Club, and entered a competition. I received an email the day after Katie died telling me that I had won. It arrived a couple of weeks ago..

I have to decide where I will put it. Can't wait to use the stinky dynamic lifter. The timing is pretty good, I had run out of seasol. I think I will give away the water crystals that came with it, I really don't like them. Here is what happened to my pumkin when we had about 60mls of rain in a night.

My wrap that I am knitting is slowly progressing. There is about 33cm to knit between the armholes. I am up to approx 27cm. Can't wait to be able to do the decreases. It doesn't look like much spread on the floor like that, but I am hoping it will look nice on. I love the colour. I can't wait till I can start a new project with my knitpicks needles. I can't decide what to knit, I have so much wool, and so many patterns to inspire. Some of my wool is no longer really fashionable, like the velveteen and another called FDK. I thought that I could maybe knit some things for around the house as practice. You never know, they might turn out good enough to wear out.

Well, that is it for the moment. Half of my long weekend is gone. Tomorrow I will be at my sisters watching a bunch of 2 year olds searching for easter eggs, that has got to be hilarious. Then I have to do some housework and get into the readings for my ACLS thing I did a couple of weeks ago. I should have read the book within a few days of the seminar, but it got buried under a pile of other stuff to read. I have about 3 weeks to read it and do the e-learning exam. Here's hoping I am never in a situation that requires me to do advanced cardiac life support. The main thing I can remember at the moment is that every second drug is Adrenaline. I hope my mind lets me remember more than that when I do the theoretical and practical exams and doesn't just go completely blank.

Off to bed, hopefully I will be able to sleep and not lay there trying to work out which of my neighbours gave me the bunny. I will see if I can make him last - Liz if you read this, no laughing!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Life gets away sometimes

(I tried to post this a couple of days ago, but blogger was not working. Luckily it saves your posts)

I have been so busy for the last couple of weeks, it is amazing how little I have managed to achieve. I really enjoyed the Canberra Show, it was great to see my friends work exhibited. I was so proud to see that QuiltingMick and Jacqui had ribbons next to their work. Unfortunately I found out a couple of days ago that a friend had a painting in the art section, I wish I had looked at the names, not just the pics.

I finally found a hat that doesn't look too ridiculous on me when I was at the show, so I bought two, a green and a blue one. I think they look pretty cool. I also managed to buy a chocolate showbag, must confess that didn't last long. Mmmm, Cadbury's.

I am really, really wishing that I hadn't found I seem to waste so much time on there, that the house is feeling very unloved. When I finish this post, I will make a batch of pancakes, and get out the horrid green and noisy vaccuum cleaner. Probably not as noisy as the neighbours dog that woke me in the middle of the night, or the loud piano playing at 7.30 this morning. I wish that if people lived in a townhouse with neighbours very close by, and insisted on having a piano, that they would get double glazing and keep the windows shut!! I am doing so much call and late shifts lately that my sleep is becoming very precious. I missed out on Canberra Quilters last night because I was just a bit too tired to enjoy it, so I sat at home and watched some of RPA and Lost instead.

At least all the extra call has allowed me to buy a toy - an MP3 player - to keep me company when I go for a walk (if I can ever be motivated to go for one on the rare occasions that I am not on call). Now I have to figure out how to put music on the computer, convert it to WMA or MP3 files and move it onto the player. I also have to download some podcasts, the main reason for getting my toy. What I really, really want to figure out at the moment, is how to get the Electric Quilt software, EQ5 and EQ6 onto my computer on the general user, not the administrator, without getting horrid error messages. I am very not happy with Vista and its stupid user accounts when it comes to putting my quilt design software on the system.

Better get organised with the cleaning, then I can watch Grey's Anatomy that I taped from last week. I had worked 12 hours Friday, was back 6 hours later for another Caesar Saturday morning, which meant I got to Maccas just before they stopped serving brekky. Love the bacon and egg muffins, and the hashbrowns. Two of each was just the perfect brekky. Sunday I spent the whole day at work learning about Advanced Cardiac Life Support, so as you can guess, I had an early night from brain drain. Watching McDreamy and the rest is my reward for catching up on the housework.

Will post pics of the hats later, and hopefully I can figure out how to add links to the website in the post. Don't know how to do that