Sunday, March 23, 2008

Must watch TV tonight

I have learnt something very important. When you can post to a blog, make sure you do it for the correct blog. I had a big oops moment, and posted this to a sock blog that I can post to! Lucky I looked at the post on the blog. While I am on the subject of socks, I have 3 sock books winging their way to me from Amazon. I would have bought them here, but no shops have them in stock. Worked out quicker getting them from Amazon. When I get them, I can make my first socks (the dodgy ones I made for Niece1 don't really count). On to the original post......

I think I overdosed on hot cross buns yesterday, because my brain turned to mush and I forgot to mention something important. If you get a chance tonight, watch 60 minutes. One of my sisters good mates Marty is going to be on. He is an Associate Professor (or maybe Professor now) at University of Canberra. He is an expert on rivers, salinity and drought. He has gotta be one of the most interesting guys I know. He isn't anything like what you may expect a science guy to be like. Just an average bloke, and very funny - he was the MC at my sisters wedding. Anything that he has to say tonight has gotta be worth listening to. And the other person that is on 60 minutes is Will Smith, one of my favourite funny guys.
I wish I knew who gave me the chocolate bunny yesterday, I have ruled out Helen, with her new hip she might have had a bit of trouble placing it inside the screen door. Maybe her hubby or one of the other neighbours? I had plenty of time to try to work it out last night, the neighbour behind me was playing piano really loudly till after 12.30am. I guess she doesn't realise that her lounge backs onto the bedrooms of me and the people in the unit next to me, and that noise travels really effectively across the courtyards. I will have to let her know. At least the dog was quiet last night, and the piano didn't start again at 7.30 on a Sunday morning as it has in the past... kinda ruins the Sunday sleep-in.
While I was trying to drown out the noise of the piano, but keeping the ears free of ear plugs in case the phone rang, I went through my list of possible things to knit next. The Clapotis with the Noro yarn? A Zhivago jumper or cardy? Maybe the boring FDK cos I got lots of balls for $2 each a couple of years ago? Or I could use the powder puff to make a cardy or jumper. It is too hard to decide. Winter is coming, maybe I should go for some kind of thick jumper to wear so I don't get tempted to turn up the heater. And I could also sew the rows of my quilt-as-you-go yummy quilt together, so I can be sitting in front of Greys Anatomy and stitching. Then in winter I could be really warm under a quilt wearing a daggy jumper and uggboots. No wonder I am still single. I am still hoping that there is a Mr Right out there somewhere. In the meantime, I will find a cat at some point to give me someone to talk to.
When is it going to decide to rain? We were supposed to get showers the last two days, I don't think 2 drops count. Hopefully the sky will deliver today after I bring in the washing - better go hang it out, and while I am doing that I can count how many tomatoes I still have very, very slowly turning red.

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