Friday, March 7, 2008

Life gets away sometimes

(I tried to post this a couple of days ago, but blogger was not working. Luckily it saves your posts)

I have been so busy for the last couple of weeks, it is amazing how little I have managed to achieve. I really enjoyed the Canberra Show, it was great to see my friends work exhibited. I was so proud to see that QuiltingMick and Jacqui had ribbons next to their work. Unfortunately I found out a couple of days ago that a friend had a painting in the art section, I wish I had looked at the names, not just the pics.

I finally found a hat that doesn't look too ridiculous on me when I was at the show, so I bought two, a green and a blue one. I think they look pretty cool. I also managed to buy a chocolate showbag, must confess that didn't last long. Mmmm, Cadbury's.

I am really, really wishing that I hadn't found I seem to waste so much time on there, that the house is feeling very unloved. When I finish this post, I will make a batch of pancakes, and get out the horrid green and noisy vaccuum cleaner. Probably not as noisy as the neighbours dog that woke me in the middle of the night, or the loud piano playing at 7.30 this morning. I wish that if people lived in a townhouse with neighbours very close by, and insisted on having a piano, that they would get double glazing and keep the windows shut!! I am doing so much call and late shifts lately that my sleep is becoming very precious. I missed out on Canberra Quilters last night because I was just a bit too tired to enjoy it, so I sat at home and watched some of RPA and Lost instead.

At least all the extra call has allowed me to buy a toy - an MP3 player - to keep me company when I go for a walk (if I can ever be motivated to go for one on the rare occasions that I am not on call). Now I have to figure out how to put music on the computer, convert it to WMA or MP3 files and move it onto the player. I also have to download some podcasts, the main reason for getting my toy. What I really, really want to figure out at the moment, is how to get the Electric Quilt software, EQ5 and EQ6 onto my computer on the general user, not the administrator, without getting horrid error messages. I am very not happy with Vista and its stupid user accounts when it comes to putting my quilt design software on the system.

Better get organised with the cleaning, then I can watch Grey's Anatomy that I taped from last week. I had worked 12 hours Friday, was back 6 hours later for another Caesar Saturday morning, which meant I got to Maccas just before they stopped serving brekky. Love the bacon and egg muffins, and the hashbrowns. Two of each was just the perfect brekky. Sunday I spent the whole day at work learning about Advanced Cardiac Life Support, so as you can guess, I had an early night from brain drain. Watching McDreamy and the rest is my reward for catching up on the housework.

Will post pics of the hats later, and hopefully I can figure out how to add links to the website in the post. Don't know how to do that

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