Saturday, June 19, 2010

is it that time already?

I can't believe it has been a year since I've put anything on this blog. I guess I have been busy with work and knitting, so I haven't had much time to blog. I was also busy going to the gym nearly every day, until my back decided it didn't want to be happy. I have only been to the gym once in 6 weeks, partly from fear that it will stir up my back, but mostly because I had completely lost my motivation. Unfortunately I lost my daily routine, and with all the rubbish food I have been eating (hello McDonalds), have put back on the couple of kilos that I lost.

I decided to do something about the unhealthy eating I was doing, and bought a 5.5L slow cooker today (15% off). It is a version with a timer, so hopefully that will come in handy. I also bought a 24cm Le Chasseur cast iron casserole dish (50% off) from DJs, so I can cook things on the stove or the oven. I am aiming to have fill-up-the-freezer days, by using the slow cooker and the dutch oven I'll be able to make a soup and a casserole.

To go with these, I bought a couple of cook books that were on special at Myer (35% off). I got the Women's Weekly Slow Cooking book, and Slow Cookers by Jane Price. If I can decide what to make for dinner tomorrow, it will be a day of slow cooking and hopefully fast knitting! I think I have done quite well out of the mid-year sales this year.

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Irene said...

How's the slow cooker going Trudi? I went the same path as you a while ago and the first few meals I attempted wasn't fit for the dog... but boy is DP great with it! I think I just like someone else cooking for me *grin*... don't you think someone else's cooking is always better?

Would love some recipes... perhaps in a future blog post? *hint hint nudge nudge* :)