Saturday, May 23, 2009

I think I have been possessed.....

by a strange new addiction! I have never liked exercise, so much so that I usually do anything to avoid it. I usually joke that I only run for vomit bowls (in my job as a nurse), or for drugs/blood etc.

Last year a gym opened a few minutes drive from my house. I decided that I would join up, to try to get fit. The advantage with this gym is that it is on the way home from work, so in theory I could go there on the way home from work.

They have now been open for 6 months, and at the start of April I signed up for their 12 week challenge. That involved having an assessment with a personal trainer, and getting a program designed for me. You get bonus points for classes that you attend, and the winner gets a years membership to the gym.

I have not done too badly so far, considering the extra challenges I have had to struggle with...

These photos are of food we enjoyed at the Scquilters retreat in Adelaide in mid April. I had been really good for a month before this, so I allowed myself to let loose a bit. The dinner the night before the retreat started involved a plate full of all sorts of goodies from the buffet, followed by a plate full of desserts from the buffet. On my dessert plate (I wish I had a photo) I had seven desserts. I was good though, I didn't eat everything on my plate. I ate some of everything, and all of a couple of really good things.

The dessert at the Saturday night dinner was just devine. I could go on about how fantastic it was, but I think devine covers it. We had dinner that night at the Glenelg Football Club, which was special in its own way - my Grandad used to play for them after WW2. He was a great footballer from all I have heard.

Anyway, back to the original topic. Gym and exercise. I hate exercise. I always wondered why people felt good after doing it, I always felt like I was going to die, and wondered if I did in fact I did have any of those feel good hormones that are supposedly released by exercise. Until this week. I ended up off work for two days this week with the return of a headcold that I had thought was gone, until my sinusses decided to nearly explode on me and let me know they were there. On those two days I kept thinking about going to the gym, but you shouldn't do that when you are sick it is bad for you (especially when you are having a sick day). I could not believe that I actually felt the desire to go to the gym, before that I have always gone because I felt I had to.

So yesterday, after my 10 hour shift, I went to the gym. And exercised for almost 90 minutes. I did the bike, rowing machine, and the weights machines. After such a long day, and a hard workout, I felt good. Energised. I think I may have some of those feel good hormones after all. I am getting stronger, and fitter. Stronger is good, I completely failed all of the strength tests at the 12 Week Challenge assessment. I need to be able to do better than that at the final assessment.

I know I won't win the challenge, I can't get to enough classes with my shiftwork and being on call, so I won't have many bonus points (and I was away for 3 weeks). But I know that I have given it a good shot. And begun to like exercise - but not running. Two weeks ago I did a cycle class (like the spin classes), and then the challenge class run by the trainers assigned to my group. They can be really hard task masters, and I have to admit I didn't like it when I wanted to slow down and walk and one of them ran behind me so I couldn't stop. I think I more running than I had in 20 years. Talk about sore muscles!

I left the gym last night in time to be on call for the whole weekend (except Sunday night). I won't be able to do any classes, because I won't hear the phone over the music. I plan to sit now and watch a movie and do some knitting. And eat easter eggs that I have been slowly consuming since I came home from my 3 week holiday to Adelaide and Mildura. I will manage to use one of my yoga dvds that have been sitting in the cupboard for the last few years. I think that is the only exercise I will manage this weekend, I find it is too hard to keep the pedals going at a good pace if I don't have the iPod blaring loud music. I discovered yesterday the Ash Grunwald's music has a great pace for rowing and doing weights.

I am only a couple of rounds from finishing a hat, after that I can work on my Forest Canopy Shawl again.


Bells said...

that's excellent Trudi. How happy do you sound????

God all those desserts. Eek!

Michelle said...

You're an inspiration, you really are!