Friday, May 2, 2008

The wrap that grows by itself

Last weekend I was knitting away on my wrap vest when the phone rang - it was work, I had to leave immediately for a caesar. I was in the middle of a row. I completely forgot about that till my neighbour asked to see the wrap I had told her about. I picked it up from the couch, and a heap of stitches fell off. I have an amazing skill of being able to turn random knit stitches into purl stitches, even though I use the same technique to pick them up.

Anyway, before the great unpicking episode (I ended up unpicking 3 or 4 rows of 159 stitches, I stupidly purposefully dropped one stitch a couple of rows to try to fix it), the wrap was measuring 32cms from the armhole. Now that I have reknit the unpicked rows, it is measuring anything from 34 to 35cm. Don't ask me how it has grown that much, cos I don't have a clue. I know that it is alpaca and prone to stretching, but I have been careful, I promise. I have always tried to place it carefully on a flat surface to measure. Last night at quilters it was spot on 33cm, the required measurement to create another armhole. Somehow it grew overnight.

I am going to go to work shortly and hopefully have a nice day. I will get to listen to some cool music. The surgeon in my theatre this arvo listens to Wolfmother, Foo Fighters and the Chilli Peppers on his ipod. All really cool. Except for the occasional classical pieces. But I can handle that. Some Doctors only seem to have heavy classical and opera on their ipods. I finally bought the latest Interweave Knits, so will have that for my reading pleasure this arvo.

If I get around to it tomorrow I will post some photos. I am very slack with doing that. Hopefully I won't have to unpick anymore of my knitting. I have a dreadful feeling that I will have to though. It is a one size fits all pattern, and I am on the smaller scale of one size, so if it is too big across the back it won't work.

My other project this weekend? To put in an Avon order. I am not entirely sure why I did it, but I have become a sort of social Avon rep. Just selling to friends, family and work mates. I have to collect some orders tonight.

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