Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Not Happy

I am not a very happy camper today. I am sick with a cold, and only bothered to get out of bed because my gas heater was being serviced. It was working fine before the guys came to service it, but after they left the fan wouldn't shut off, even when the heater was turned off at the wall. The heater guys came back after 90 minutes, and played around with it for over half an hour. They had said it "had them puzzled". Finally the boss of the two guys comes in and says that the pc board has blown, and needs replacing. It is ordered and will be here sometime, but they can't tell me when. They also said it was not as a result of anything that they did. The power did cut out while they were here the first time for some reason. They thought the light in the roof was blown, it was really the power.

So as you can probably imagine, I am pretty pissed off. At least they reckon it will only get to 6 degrees tonight, not any lower. I only have a tiny little heater that I used to use in Mum's bathroom when the duct to that room wasn't working. It won't really be worth using in my lounge, because the room is too big - lounge, dining and study. Open planning is a bitch. I will see how I go tonight, I think I will definitely be putting my new extra warm wool doona on the bed. Good thing I have my old single bed doona, I can sit on the couch under that. I think an early night will be called for. I just hope that they can get the part this week, and install it tomorrow or Thursday arvo. Otherwise, if it comes Friday I will have to take the day off work. If the house is too cold, I will have to go sleep at my sisters place. I wish I could remember which phone number I gave the heater company when I booked the service. It is almost funny, the guy said that the heater should last about 5 more years, but it really only worked for about 5 minutes!

If I don't turn into an icicle, I will post an update when it gets fixed. I hate being so frustrated when things are out of my control. Shedding a few tears from frustration is not helping my cold and my blocked nose.

I think I will go and make a hot milo and eat some easter eggs. Only 6 left now.

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Michelle said...

Bugger! Hope it doesn't get too cold for you!

And I hope you feel better soon.