Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Hotest 100 day

Today is Triple J's Hottest 100 day, which is the day when they play their listeners favourite 100 songs released in the last year. Usually when you vote you go into a draw to win CDs released by all the artists. This year you can get tickets to all the gigs supported by Triple J. That would be pretty cool. I have listend to the Hottest 100 for the last few years, it is always held on Australia Day. I have only missed a little bit of it last year when I was on call and had to go to work for a caesar. Usually I hang out near the radio doing some stitching, it is great to listen to some great music, and see where my fave songs rate. Already I am disappointed that one of my favourite songs for the year, Sun Dirt Water by the Waifs only rated in the 92. I think last year 7 of my 10 picks were in the top 20

This afternoon my stitching group is having a get together to celebrate the Australia Day weekend. I have just rescued the potatoes from the stove - I am making potato salad. Here are some pics of the knitting WIP that I will be taking with me.

It is a wrap vest from the zhivago booklet all wrapped up. It is one piece, and has holes for the arms. I bought the yarn from Yarns Galore at the craft show in Canberra last year. I was determined that I was going to buy myself something for a special project, and I found the perfect one. There was a lady from Threads and More modelling her vest (pattern 5 in th booklet), she said you can flip it upside down and wear it that way as well. It looked great. Yarns Galore had a blue version on their stand, and I found this gorgeous pink yarn to knit it in.

The yarn is Diamond Luxury Collection Natal, 75% baby alpaca, 18% silk and 7% polyamide. I am knitting it on 5mm circular addis. It has the most beautiful feel. I am not very far into the wrap, I am about to cast off to create the first arm hole. It is very easy to make, all knit stitch. The hardest thing is counting the stitches, because it is knitted in one piece.

Tomorrow I am going to be celebrating my 2nd nieces first birthday. It is going to be heaps of fun. She shouldn't be one yet, but she came early. Her big sister is 2, and loves birthdays. She loves to sing happy birthday, have presents and eat cake!

When I had my birthday at the end of last year, I pulled my fave present out of the bag with Niece1 watching. When I spread it out to get a good look at it Niece1 immediately layed down on it and said "pretty quilt". She has really good taste. The gift was a large piece of a Ricky Timms fabric, big enough for the backing of a quilt. My Mum and I saw it in Braidwood when we went for the Airing of the Quilts in November. I think it is 4m worth.

I had promised my Mum that I would put up a pic of her scrumtious sponge cake. It is the yummiest birthday cake you could have. I am yet to attempt to make one, it fits into the category of foods that your Mum makes that you know will not taste as good when you make it.
My mouth is watering just looking at the picture of the cake. Luckily her contribution today is cream puffs - yum.


Brenda said...

Welcome to blogland and happy Australia Day! Sorry to hear about your cat. I look forward to seeing what you do with your dyed fabrics.

Anonymous said...

Oh, more lovely fabric. I really need to learn to sew!

There was at one point a plan between my friends to go to Hyde Park, but since I'm the closest to it (yup, from Canberra!) apathy won the day.

I'll be really interested to see how that wrap vest turns out. I've admired the pattern before, but I think I personally might be the wrong shape for it. You've got a fab colour for it!

Michelle said...

Those cream puffs were magnificent, but I think you really need to share your potato salad recipe! It was delicious!