Sunday, January 18, 2009

Decisions...rotten damn things

I started thinking the other day that since my car is a '96 model I should consider upgrading to something newer soon, while it is still worth something as a trade-in. Turns out that I wouldn't get nearly as much for it as I hoped, so I decided that I need to seriously consider buying something newer, and soon. I have a reliable Corolla, but I don't know how much longer it will be reliable for.

My last car was a Laser, also a reliable car. Until I spent loads on it and it still decided that it wasn't going to go up hills without hugely backfiring and dying. That was not long after I started my first nursing job. I got totally pissed off with that car as you could imagine, and bought the Corolla on the way home from work one day! This time I want to take a bit longer to decide what to buy.

I don't want to have to get a loan, but I think I will have to get a small one to allow me to get something that will hopefully last me till 2020 (I have had my current car since 2001). I am totally confused about what I want, but know I want good visibility because my car is terrible if you want to see behind you. I also have trouble judging where the front of the car is, but that is because I am short. Some of the other things I want are CD player - to get with the modern world, keyless entry and good economy. My car does have a bonus that you don't have to turn off the headlights, it does it for you.

Any suggestions for little cars that are comfortable, safe and easy to park would be well appreciated. I am going on the weekend to do more research while my Corolla is being serviced. I am not sure how logical it is to get the car serviced, it is due and really does need a service. But I don't want to spend much on the car if I am going to buy something better, and hopefully in a really cool colour.

On a knitting note, for once I am not working on a hat! I am doing a scarf for my sister in Paton's Jet. Her birthday is in August and I am planning a matching hat and scarf for her.

I am also attempting a lace shawl as a gift for another friend. I am using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Baby, details will be on my project page on Ravelry when I get around to adding them. This has been an interesting project so far, it took me 3 attempts to get past row 1, I then forgot to purl row 2 and moved straight onto row 3! I have managed to get nearly through the second pattern repeat, with the help of my tracking system. I am not sure where I read about it, I thought it was on Bells blog but I could be wrong (just skimmed her lace posts and couldn't find it, so probably am wrong. Even if I am wrong, her blog is one of my faves and worth checking out).

Anyway, the system I am using is to have index cards with the instructions for one row on each card. I have them all hooked onto a little ring thing you get at the newsagents. This was an issue to start with, recently I had thrown out stationary stuff I thought I wouldn't use. Index cards and the ring thing were amongst stuff I tossed. To make the cards easily readable, I printed out the instructions so that each row would fit on one card. I just wish I could remember the easy way to do that, instead of having to create tabs. I vaguely remember that there is something in the print options. The system is working so far, and I also remembered to weigh the ball of yarn after the first repeat so if I am close to running out of yarn I will know if I'll have enough yarn for one last repeat.

I couldn't be bothered taking pics now, I should be going to bed so I can get up early for a long day at work in the blessed air-con. Before I decided to buy a car, I had gone to research getting a split-system air-conditioner in my lounge. Apparently, according to the plans, there is nowhere I can put it because I have townhouses on each side of me, and not enough wall at the front to make it affordable. The options I was given were out of my budget at $4000. While being depressed thinking of another year in the hot weather, I had the brainwave to get a newer car - at least that will have decent air-con!

I must be enjoying the challenge of lace, I am sitting here trying to work out how many hours till I can come home and knit some more of the shawl. I promise some pics next time.


Bells said...

i have done the card system, but probably never wrote about it. I think it's a good one.

Looking forward to seeing a photo. No suggestions on cars. I am clueless.

Janet McKinney said...

I can't speak highly enough of my little Jazz (and they have a good price happening at the moment)

Honda has a reputation of being an excellent manufacturer of motors and cars - reliable, well made.
Jazz is VERY economical - we got under 6.0 litres per 100km on an interstate trip - and do around 6.5 around town.
It is a small looking car that has enormous space inside. You can put both back seats down and it makes a huge area for carrying stuff
It has a very cool purplish-blue colour (well I think it is cool).
I think it is really well worth looking at for what you want...

Olivia said...

I highly recommend you check out this site.

This site includes results of both the new car crash tests AND used car safety ratings (where they look at the real world performance of cars in crashes). (I think the same info is available from the nrma site as well). There really are differences in safety even with new models.