Wednesday, September 17, 2008

seven random thoughts

Bec tagged me for the seven random thoughts meme, so here we go.

1. This is the first meme that I have been part of. I have been lucky not to be tagged before (that my foggy tired brain can remember) in blogworld. This had been a good thing cos I have trouble writing interesting stuff on my blog.

2. I hate water. Saying I have a phobia for water could be a better way of putting it. I don't like to splash my face with water, or put my face under the shower. The water has to be warm, not just luke warm. I can't go in a car wash, I have tried twice and won't bother trying again. The second time I went in a car wash I had a magazine to distract me, but I still found myself with my hand on the door handle ready to get out when all the water and brushes came at me. I even have trouble being able to walk along the footpath next to the lake. It all stems from childhood, I can remember being pushed in the deep end at Jammo pool as a kid and not being able to get up because a really big person (I was always a tiny little person) had jumped in and I couldn't get up to the air. I was really good at sitting on the side of the pool when we had swimming lessons.

3. I finished first grade Primary School at High School. In October 1980 in Canberra we had a HUGE storm that caused heaps of damage to my school - it got flooded, windows were smashed, and from memory the roof over the library collapsed. Luckily they had finished building a High School in the next suburb, so we finished the school year there. I can still remember putting up Christmas decorations around the classrooms. The High School didn't last long as a school, it closed down in the 90s I think.

4. I can remember when I was a kid I used to have fun sleeping in strange positions in bed, with my head at the foot end of the bed under the blankets, sideways or with my feet up the wall. I used to wake up sometimes having fallen down between the mattress and the wall. I still wake up laying sideways in the bed, with my feet hanging out the side of the bed. Good thing I sleep on my own, don't think any man would appreciate being kicked out of bed, lol.

5. My parents have rented or owned 3 houses in Canberra with the hideous brown cupboards and extra hideous yellow bench tops. I am not sure if that is why I hate yellow, or if it was an itchy yellow jumper that I wore as a kid.

6. My sister and I have the same size feet, and have managed to buy exactly the same sneakers and summer slip on shoes when we weren't in the shop together. We hadn't even seen each others shoes. It has been a real pain when we both take off our summer shoes and get them mixed up - my feet are a bit wider than Cathy's.

7. I have defective hands, they look normal, and usually are except that I can't count to five the same way everyone else does. I raise my fingers in this order: my thumb, index finger, middle, little and then the ring finger. I cannot straighten the ring finger on either hand without doing the little finger first. Or holding the little finger down with the palm of my hand. I have just been doing this to try to explain it, and discovered that I also have to straighten my middle finger as well to fully straighten my ring finger. Bizarre. I have only ever seen/noticed one other person with this defect, the daughter of a friend I went to school with. I should ask one of the Orthopods (bone doctors) at work why this is. Anyone else with this problem?

The seven people I would like to know more about are:
Caffiene Fairy

Better go to bed, am on call tonight so need to get some sleep in case I get woken up at some ungodly hour and am expected to function.

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Janet McKinney said...


Interesting thing with your hands. I tried it, and discover that while I can get the ring finger 4/5 of the way up with my little finger down, it doesn't totally straighten up until the little finger is up.

I think it is something to do with the positioning of ligaments/muscles in the hands. I think there is something about overlapping muscles/ligaments with the fourth finger.

I am a pianist, and have good fexibility in my hands. The fourth finger is the hardest one to get flexibility in when playing piano - and many people don't have muscle development strong in that hand - it is one which usually requires special exercising to become strong enough to play well. So that may be part of it.